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Tuesday Linkage

Sefko writes on the Mavs not being able to afford any mistakes against the top teams if they want to win.  One of those mistakes -- allowing offensive rebounds late in close games.

"It always hurts when you play good defense down to the last three seconds on the clock, and the shot goes up, and they get the offensive rebound, and they reset the shot clock," said James Singleton. "That's been a cancer of ours for a while. But I think we can lock it down before the playoffs."


And some quotes on a potential Mavs/Lakers matchup, including one from Mark Jackson who thinks an upset would be pretty much impossible.  That actually makes me feel better about the Mavs chances.

The LA Times has a list of five reasons the Lakers want to face Dallas.


Richie Whitt -- still confused by this team.

*Coach Rick Carlisle treated yesterday's 7-point loss to the Lakers like a playoff game, shortening his lineup to an 8-man rotation. But one of those eight wasn't Ryan Hollins? The Mavs wouldn't have beaten Phoenix without him. On the final three games of the trip he played a total of seven minutes. WTF?


This Day in Mavs History

2004 The NBA fined Mark Cuban $10,000 for "inappropriate public comments". Cuban had told a reporter that he had said to Josh Howard during the 3/5/04 game at San Antonio that Cuban would pay the fine if Howard got a technical if Howard would smack the ball out of Bruce Bowen's hands and cause the ball to hit Bowen in the face.