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Wednesday Morning Links

Sefko's game recap focuses on the Mavs defensive rebounding problems when they go small and play zone.

"Five guys are going to have to get in there and dig it out. Sometimes, we play a little undersized, and in those situations where we don't have the length in there, we're going to have to do it with grit. Simple as that. There is really no other way." [Carlisle said.]

The Mavericks have gone to a zone defense more than half of the time during games, and it has been effective. But they say it makes rebounding more problematic as players have to find opponents to box out.


And news is starting trickle out on Howard's ankle.  He'll apparently have to have surgery at some point, but hopefully not until after the season.  He's scheduled to get a cortisone shot but isn't expected to start practicing until next at the earliest.


And Mike Fisher has an excellent point about Jason Kidd.'ve got to love Jason Kidd as the inbounds passer. Against the opponents' scrambling pressure, he's Johnny Unitas back there - which is a far cry from previous seasons, when the Mavs rather mindlessly assigned the job of inbounds triggerman to Josh Howard.