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Thursday Morning Roundup

Sefko makes the case for Dampier to play more minutes.

The Mavericks continue to get whipped badly overall in the rebounding department.

Dampier has remained upbeat despite some inconsistent minutes. He said when he gets the minutes, he usually puts up the numbers. That's hard to argue as the Mavericks are at their best when he plays 30 minutes or more. But it has only happened 11 times. They are 8-3 in those games.

Carlisle seemed to indicate after the Detroit game that he might be looking to play Dampier more to help on the glass, but we'll see...


There was another article on the Mavs in the DMN today, but the guys who penned it is sadly irrelevant.


Fisher has his morning donuts and compare the Hawks and Mavs.

And I'm sure I'm missing some stuff...