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Monday Morning Roundup

Sefko recaps the game with a focus on James Singleton.

Singleton had 12 points and 16 rebounds. He brought a toughness and the sort of energy that made a difference on a night when Chris Bosh refused to let the Mavericks pull away.

"His activity helps us defensively," coach Rick Carlisle said. "He rebounds, he runs - Jason Kidd loves playing with him - he's just doing good things."

I sort of lamented Mensah-Bonsu joining the Spurs the other day, but really Singleton has been playing like everything I dreamed Whale Killer could become.


Mike Fisher's game notes.


David Moore writes on Terry's return, and says Dallas can't beat good teams without him.

The five teams the Mavericks beat while Terry was out all had losing records. The three teams they lost to had winning records.


Sefko has some praise for Barea who sacrificed two teeth going for a loose ball.

"But anytime you see a ball on the floor, you've got to dive for it." [Barea said]

Barea made the kind of hustle play that comes from giving up one's body. And after the stoppage of play, the Raptors couldn't get the ball over the half-court line before the 8-second violation, and the Mavs got a bucket on their ensuing possession.