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Sunday Roundup

Sefko has a few quotes from Assistant GM  Keith Grant on the Mavs scouting at the NCAA tournament.

There is also some quotes from Ryan Hollins on his last two starts.

"It's simple with this team. I just need to play hard, give energy and be a defensive presence. I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable out there. I'm getting a chemistry with my teammates."

Dampier should be back on Wednesday, but I think Ryan Hollins showed enough that he should continue to get a couple spot minutes -- particularly if it's against a team that doesn't figure to a good job defending the ally-oop.


Rick Carisle on his decision to start Jason Terry on Friday night.

"I wanted to get him out there with [Jason] Kidd for more minutes to start the game," Carlisle said. "He had a rough shooting night [Thursday] night, and I wanted to try to get him engaged early.

"I knew we had a long break coming here," Carlisle said. "If we had to stretch it out and play him in the high 30 or 40 minutes, we'd be OK with that. It worked for us."


David Moore praises Antoine Wright's defense.


Randy Galloway has a Roy Tarpley article.