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The Tuesday Roundup

Sefko has an article on Terry being pretty much a lock for sixth man of the year.

Carlisle told the veteran he was unsure how to use him. He didn't know if he would start Terry and go small or bring him off the bench.

"I just don't know," Carlisle repeated.

"Coach, I can tell you what you do know," Terry replied. "I'll be ready for whatever role you give me."


There are two things out there today over at the D Magazine blog and The Dallas Observer complaining about Rick Carlisle being short with the media in some of his recent  interviews.  "Prick Carlisle" is even thrown around.

I think Phil Jackson spends as much time mocking the media as anyone. But the difference is that his mocking, nearly disgusted demeanor doesn't carry onto the court. It seems to me that Carlisle's uptight, I'm-smarter-than-the-room attitude is evident on the sidelines. It even smacks of late-era Avery at times, which is quite scary.

OK, there are reasons to dislike Carlisle, but him giving smart ass answers to dumb ass questions isn't one of them.  I don't care if it's Norm Hitzges, Chuck Cooperstein, or anyone else asking the question.  I really couldn't care less if Carlisle is nice to the media or not.  And saying his tendencies with the media are an indication of how he is with his team is speculative and more than a bit of a reach.

--------------------- has a mini practice report.


The Mavs are lowering ticket prices (again) next season.