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Nuggets Top Mavs: Postgame Quotes

Rick Carlisle

Yeah, we had chances.  You know it was one more score or one more stop.  Anthony made a couple of really tough shots, and we had a couple of really good opportunities.  We played from behind the majority of the game.  You shoot 36% and have a chance to win a against a team that shot 56%, it means that you fought somehow.  One of the keys was getting to the free throw line obviously.  And the crowd was great.   It's really disappointing because we really battled to try and get it done.  It was a one play swing.

You had a lot of guys step up tonight...

Well, the guys that played, Barea, Hollins, and Green, and Bass did a good job.  All those guys have had significant good moments for us, so I'm not surprised.  They know they've got to stay ready and they'll have to continue to do that. We've got to shake this off as soon as we can and get ready for this next stretch of games -- a difficult stretch.  It's tough.

Is this Hollins best game?

He played extremely well in Atlanta, he was active tonight.  He did a good job.  I don't know if it was his best game, but it certainly was a significant effort on his part.  He's worked extremely hard to carve out an opportunity.  He's done a good job, and we're going to continue to go to him.  He's going to have to continue to be ready.

The last play...

Well, the play got broken up a little bit because of how they denied it, but he [Dirk] got the ball basically where we were trying to get it to him.  They got a little bit screwed up because of the scramble and he ended up getting an open look, which was great.  That shot, every time we'll live and die with that.  It was just one of those times that it didn't go down.  He hit the game winner in Indiana the other night.  He had a great look at this one.  We're going to keep going to him because he's our horse.

Ryan Hollins

You really made a difference tonight.

Just came out and tried to bring energy to the game and play hard. I have great teammates.  Everyone stepped up in the absence of Jason Kidd.  I thought JJ had a good game. Dirk played well.  Jason Terry was playing point guard and he hadn't played that all season so I thought everyone played great tonight.

How tough was that loss?

Very tough.  The loss hurts, but I think we learned something about ourselves and we learned something tonight as a team.  Once we add Jason back into the mix we're going to get even better.

How charged up was it there after your block and the Barea three?  Did you feel like you were going to win it at that point?

We have great fans.  We never took it for granted that we were going to win the game.  It was a great play, just trying to bring energy to the game.

How did it feel to have you Barea and Green out there together so much?

It felt great.  Especially for a guy like Green.  You guys may not see it, but he works his tail off.  He gets there early.  He leaves late.  He shoots repeatedly, and he's only getting better with time.

Career high 8 rebounds.

Yeah, I need to get ten.  I'll keep working on that.