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Tuesday Roundup

Mike Fisher recaps the game and says pretty  simply that Dallas was awful last last night.

In Carlisle speak, totally sucking in every way was the teams undoing.

Fisher also touches on the "do the Mavs deserve to make the playoffs" question.  Fishers says 50 wins might not be enough.  Carlisle says, "time will tell." And Dirk says, "not if we keep playing like this."


Sefko says the Mavs choked again and that things are 'terrible' right now.


I think this means something...

Several players got stuck in an elevator at the team hotel in the morning.\

Afterthe door shut, the elevator abruptly dropped several feet and stalled. For about 20 minutes, Jason Kidd, Erick Dampier, Ryan Hollins, Antoine Wright, Gerald Green and Matt Carroll tried to keep their cool.