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The Monday Morning Roundup

Any doubt what the Mavs "undoing" was?

"We didn't put the ball in the basket, nor did we stop them in that third quarter, and that was pretty much the game," said Jason Kidd. "We shot a lot of jumpers. You live or die with the jump shot, and we died."

And Fisher gives you the only stat you need to know.

The Mavs had their worst quarter of the season by scoring just 11 points in the third. For the second half, they shot 11-of-38. From that 15-point lead with they held 14 minutes into the game, the Mavs were outscored by a stunning 82-39 margin.


Sefok says Kidd flexed his leadership by asking to guard LeBron before the game, but Mike Fisher is more concerned with what Kidd was saying after the game.

"Yeah, that's a hard call," Kidd said. "You don't want to answer the phone. I just have to explore my different options I'm going to have this summer."

"I could sit here and watch from the bench," Kidd said, joking that James plays much the same way he does."

Fisher is not sure what to make of it.

But Kidd did not dismiss anything. He did the opposite. He addressed something.

And he did so in the wake of a 28-point loss to the very team that is ostensibly planning on courting him.

One of the Mavs players visiting Cleveland and leaving the impression that he might want to play there next year? Even if he was just being polite?

Now I'm even more tired and more pissed.