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Monday Morning Roundup

David Lord follows up Moore's weekend article about what's wrong with the Dallas defense with some possibilities on why those things are wrong.

If this is a lack of team quickness or team intellect, that's on management for assembling players who can't play or think. If this is a lack of team understanding, that's on the coaches for failing to teach. If this is a lack of effort. ... well, Mavs owner Mark Cuban addressed that a week ago and we all know that some sort of "blow-it-up'' possibility exists.


David Moore has an article on Cuban's "blow it up" comments from last week.  He says they were unique for Cuban who usually won't critique the players publicly.  The difference now, he says, is that everyone knows the team isn't good enough anymore.

When Cuban called out his players, he sided with the fans. He gave them a voice and validated their frustration...

"As a player who is used to winning with this organization," Dirk said. "it hasn't been an outstanding, fun year. But you've got to make the best out of it."

What is the best this team can do? No reasonable person anticipates a long playoff run.


And Jeff Caplan has what I believe is his first Mavs article since DMN and FWST started sharing content.  And it's a good one, taking a look at the Mavs broadcasts which Cuban is apparently unhappy with.

Cuban had gripes and, in e-mails to Mavs director of broadcasting Dave Evans, called the telecast "stale" and "unimaginative." He was also critical of Ortegel, who in his 21st season calling Mavs games is adhering to a new edict: "Less is more."

He told Evans to give up-and-comer talk-radio personality - and lifetime Mavs fan - Jeff Wade, aka Skin, an on-the-fly audition as a second analyst.

Wade made his debut Jan. 8 and, working pro bono, appears mostly on weekend telecasts. He makes the Mavs the only three-man local NBA broadcast crew.

"Considering the unique challenges of it, I think it's come off pretty smoothly," Followill said. "Has it been perfect? Well, of course not, and everybody's still trying to find their voice in it. It's unique and I don't know where it's headed, but all things considered, I think it's come off a lot better than we ever could have dreamed of at the beginning."

Wow.  Cuban, you're wrong on this one.