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The Morning Roundup

Sefko recaps the game with a focus on Howard's return.

He was back in the starting lineup - a quintet that has gone 18-11 when it has been together this season. What was it like having Howard back?

"A world of difference," said James Singleton. "He brings so much to the table, it's like a different team."


Apparently the team had a meeting before the Minnesota game and decided they should shoot less jump shots.  I'm not making that up.

"We're just shooting way too many jump shots," Jason Kidd said. "It falls on me. We understand what we have to do. We got to play inside-out, not outside-out."


Mike Fisher has his notes on the game.  And he's still trying to figure out the rotation which I stopped doing a while ago.

Just when you thought Rick had kinda settled on what would be an eight- or nine-man rotation that could be utilized in the postseason. ... Brandon Bass plays five minutes in a game the other day.

But OK.

And just when you think Rick is re-settled, Ryan Hollins plays four minutes in a blowout win in Minnesota.

I'm confused.

Just 'be ready'!