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Mavs Top Hornets: Postgame Quotes

Brandon Bass

Career high in rebounds tonight...

Every night I try to get better.  Coming down the stretch of the season with me coming off the bench and James and JJ coming off  with a lot of energy really helps.  I think that really helps, so that's what I try to do. 

How big is it that the last three game have become more and more important and you guys have answered the bell every time?

Since a couple of games ago every game has been like a playoff series, so that's how we have to treat it - come out and give it our best effort.

How much scoreboard watching is there?

I'm not paying any attention.  If we take care of our business that stuff will take care of itself.  We're just out here taking it one game at a time.  When the position comes to get in those perfect spots we'll be ready.

Seems like you always have something extra against your former team...

It's always fun to play against the Hornets.  I've got a bunch of friends over there.  Going back home my family gets to see me play.  It's fun, but it will feel better if we can get the win at the same time.

The flexing...  Is that a new thing?  Where did that come from?

I don't know.  I feel like only the strong survive , and that's why I'm doing it.  Being in the situations I've been in on and off the court I just want to throw that in there.

Rick Carlisle

We actually built a couple of pretty good leads.  They're a good team.  They're going to make runs.  Down the stretch we were able to get enough scores when we had to and get stops, but it wasn't easy.  We knew it wouldn't be.  None of these games are ever really easy.  We're happy to win because every game is important. 

The impact of Josh tonight?

He had a couple key rebounds in that one stretch in the fourth that were really big, that got us possession and brought a couple opportunities to push the ball up the court.   He's just been real active, just playing extremely well -- even beyond the scoring and the shot making and those things.  He's definitely a key guy for us so we are hoping to keep him healthy.  As healthy as we can.

The rebounding tonight...

We're always better when we rebound well, and it's been an emphasis for us.  It's possessions of the ball, and it really in most cases comes down to the will to go get it.  Bass had 13, that's a huge number for him.  He's really made strides in the last month in terms of his pursuit of the ball at both ends.  He played extremely well, especially on the boards. 

It shapes up as a tough game on Sunday. They're home and they've got a lot to play for too.  It'll be a battle.

Our crowd was really good tonight from the beginning.  There was a buzz in there tonight.  They know these games are meaningful, and they know they can make a difference.  We were playing the first quarter in a way that helped them get into it even more.  That's big because we really appreciate having a full building.

Josh Howard

Chris is a great player, especially being from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Anytime we can hold the rest of the team under 10 or 12 points it's great.  Chris is Chris, he's going to score the ball, but overall it was great team defense.  That's what counts.