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The Monday Morning Roundup

Yesterday was a disappointment, but if someone had told me Dallas would go 3-1 in their four game following the Memphis loss I would have taken it in a heartbeat.  And it least we didn't get blown out.

"These are two good teams, both capable of winning in the playoffs," coach Rick Carlisle said of the Mavs and Hornets. "The games came down to two or three plays, and we just didn't make enough of them."


Fisher has his notes from the game, and the answer to this questions  is yes.

*Should James Singleton have been given a crack at David West?



In case you missed, Utah lost Saturday night and are now the favorites to finish eighth.  Dirk is happy about that.

"Whatever happens, happens," Nowitzki said. "Denver has played well all season, and Houston without Tracy McGrady still has the big fellow [Yao Ming], and they're tough. The only thing we have to do is win games and make sure we don't slip back to eight. It's no secret we don't want that."


Mike Fisher is predicting massive scoreboard watching.

Dallas and New Orleans are both in action tonight, with the Hornets at Houston. The Mavs can say they won't scoreboard-watch, that they'll focus only on the T'wolves. But even if aides aren't whispering updates in everyone's ears, at the AAC, there is a scoreboard that gives frequent to-the-minute updates of out-of-town games.

And it stares the Mavs right in the face.