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Last Day Roundup

Utah lost last night.  Depending on what happens tonight, Dallas will face either Houston, San Antonio, or Denver in the first round.

The players claim they aren't thinking about any of that though.

"We're going to approach the game thinking only about Houston," James Singleton said. "We're not going to think about the possibilities of the six, seven or eight seeds. We're going to go in thinking about winning that game. After that, we'll know what's going on."


David Moore has an article on the Mavs needing to get past the first round again with lots of good quotes from Jason Terry.

"I'm not making a guarantee," Terry said. "But I know if we play the way we've been playing of late, we're going to get out of the first round. That's not a question. How far we're going to go is the question.

"But we're going to go."


Fisher's morning donuts.

Speaking of that 2-7 start: If Dallas wins tonight at home against Houston, the Mavs will have finished the season 7-2.

Ah, symmetry!