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Friday Roundup

David Moore says the Mavs are confident because this is the matchup they wanted -- even if they are trying to hide it.

Name the last time, with or without Ginobili, the Spurs bowed out in the first round with Duncan on the floor.

You can't because it's never happened.

"You're talking about a team that knows how to win," Jason Kidd said. "They've won championships.

"We've got our hands full."


Gil LeBreton has an article about the Mavs / Spurs rivalry and how much things have changed for both teams since the last time they met in the postseason.

It's time to turn the page.

On the old rivalry.

And on the old Spurs?


Mike Fisher has a very good six point scouting report.


Assistant coach Mario Elie sees parallels between the Mavs and the 95 Rockets team that won it all as the sixth seed.

"We were playing good basketball going into the playoffs (in '95) and we're playing good basketball now," Elie said. "I don't really care about seedings if you're playing good ball. That year, we played Utah, who we had a lot of battles with and knew very well.

"This year, we got San Antonio, and we're obviously very familiar with them. That's the kind of matchup you want."