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The Sunday Links

Mike Fisher has his morning donuts, and reminds us that the Spurs already knew about JJB.

Remember earlier this year when JJB was such a force against the Spurs that Pop had to assign his best defender, Bruce Bowen, to him? It was probably the greatest compliment Barea got all year.

Playoff series are all about game-to-game adjustments, and I'm sure Pop will come up with ... something.

But I'm not sure why he wasn't able to "come up with something'' going into G1. Didn't he already know JJB was capable of this?


Kelly Dwyer was so impressed by the Mavs offense that he's asking questions of the Spurs defense.


Galloway praises Barea, Bass, Dampier, and Howard in his article this morning

JJT also writes about Barea, and ends his story with the word "seriously", so we know he's not joking.


Sefko has his game story, and Fisher recaps the game by going over his personal game plan.


David Moore is not sure what the Spurs can change on defense, but says they'll have to do something differently.


Sefko has an article on the Mavs bench which outscored the Spurs bench 39-14.

He also notes that Dallas has beaten San Antonio in five of their last 8 postseason meetings.