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Thursday Morning Roundup

Sefok's game recap focuses on the late game defense.

"Great team defense," Howard said. "Guys communicated, and it was great to see us flying around like that with a lot of energy, a lot of life."

None more than Howard, who stepped in front of a driving Mario Chalmers to take an obvious charge with 2.3 seconds left and the Mavericks clinging to a 97-96 lead.

Mike Fisher also had some observations on the defensive lineups used.

Ryan Hollins (eight minutes of burn) was on the floor for the final stop that came with 1.3 seconds left. He was joined by inbounds guarder Dirk, Wade-harasser Kidd, defensive ace Antoine Wright and Jason Terry. Jet instead of Josh? Interesting.

A similar oddity came moments before, when the Mavs needed a defensive stop and on the floor were Dirk, Kidd, Bass, Josh and Jet. Jet instead of Wright? No center again? Interesting.


David Moore did a Mavs chat yesterday.


Marc Stein writes on Wade's return to the AAC.