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Game Two Roundup

Terry says the manner of this loss won't have a lingering effect.

"This was pretty much a must-win for them," said Jason Terry, who had 16 points. "Give them credit. Now it's the same way for us going home."

Terry dismissed any notion that the Mavericks' mental state might be dented with the lopsided loss.

"Whether it's by one or 30, it's just one game," he said.


Galloway writes about the consecutive subpar games from Dirk and JETJJT has an article -- I didn't read past his first one word "Ridiculous." paragraph.


David Moore with a terrible stat that sums up the game.

Jason Terry (16 points) plus Dirk Nowitzki (14) plus Josh Howard (seven) equals 37 points.

Tony Parker equals 38 points.


Mike Fisher says the game was all about Tony Parker.


Dwyer thinks the Spurs were extremely focused last night and would have beaten just about anyone.


I do like hearing things like this out of Roger Mason.

"We were desperate tonight," Mason said.

Desperation after game one?