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The Friday Roundup

Gil LeBreton was shocked to see Pop throw in the towel so early.

was cashing in his chips so early Thursday the stuff of genius - or of desperation?


Tim Cowlishaw says starting Barea was the right move.


Fishers game notes, lots of good stuff in here.

All five starters had plus/minus numbers that were higher than their minutes were low. Damp plays 23 minutes and registers a +39? Crazy!


The Mavs defensive efficiency last night?  74.32.  Obviously a season best.  In fact, it tops any mark from last season as well.

Rick Carlisle is saying that doesn't mean much though.

"I don't think that is a pertinent question," the Mavericks coach said. "How can you gauge it? They played their starters, their two Hall of Fame guys, like 20 minutes. What are you basing it on?

"I don't think it's relevant."


Mike Fisher has his morning donuts.

Honestly, the Spurs portion of the boxscore looks like the result of an 8-year-old girls YMCA game.

Tim Duncan -- 4 points, 2 rebounds.