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Postgame Quotes: JJ Barea

You are the first 6th seed to beat a 3 seed since 2006.  How big was this?

"Oh, it's big.  I've been hear for two years and it's been a little bad for us.  To overcome this and beat a great team 4-1, its feels great.  Our confidence is pretty high right now."

Your mentality approaching this team?

"I think that our coach did a great job, getting us ready in practice, getting our heads ready , and it worked out for us."

Talk about a great job.  Adjustments he made with you were very interesting -- starting you in game three.

"I think he started me in the second half of game one, and then started me in game three, four, and five.  Hey, it worked out for us.  That's an adjustment he made and Antoine Wright did a great job coming off the bench so it worked out."

It was kind of the role players that got you the in this series.

"Well, they are always going to get a lot of attention -- Dirk, Terry, Howard.  We just have to be ready to make shots and plays for others."

The play of Dirk tonight...

"They tried to play him straight up, and they can't play him straight up.  They have to trap him and stuff or he's going to do what he did tonight."

You guys came out big the first quarter.

"Oh yeah.  That's what I had in my mind -- coming out strong.  And we came out blazing.  It think it was 24-10 or something like that.  It was great for us."

You guys were scoring early in the shot clock on your way to that 14 point lead.

"Yeah, coach kept telling us let's push it.  Kidd and Howard did a great job of pushing it and running early pick-and-rolls.  It was great for us." 

You play the winner of Nuggets/Hornets.  You were 0-4 against the Nuggets this year.

"That's fine.  We haven't been healthy anytime that we've played them, but we matchup really good against them."