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The Friday Links

Dallas is now one game back of Utah for seventh. Of course, Denver is in second and they swept Dallas and usually won more convincingly against the Mavs than the Lakers did.

So who would you rather the Mavs face?


Sefko has an homage to the lob pass which the Mavs are starting to use a little bit more -- thanks to Ryan Hollins.

"Coach has done a great job," [Hollins] said. "He'll wait for the right moment to call it. We disguise it. We'll run one action the same way. Jet [Terry] goes over the top, and I set the pick for him. We might run it 10 times the same way. That 11th time, I'm going to set the pick, then roll for the lob. They're so set on guarding Jet and Dirk, it's going to be there. It's an easy bucket if it's there.

There was a play in the second quarter against Minnesota where Barea rifled a lob pass for Dampier. It was there, but Dampier was a little slow to see the opportunity and it bounced off the backboard. My immediate thought... Hollins would have had that.


Mike Fisher warns of the trap game.

We should have none of this "overlooking'' foolishness and none of this "trap-game'' foolishness tonight, OK? The last time Dallas played Memphis, on Jan. 4, Dallas was favored by nine but lost by 20, 102-82.

I said it at the time and I'll say it again: THAT is the sort of game that, three months later, haunts a team that has been trying desperately to climb 2.0-games out of eighth in the West.

Yeah, the Mavs saw the Utah/Denver game, so at this point it's a little clearer how much one win is worth.