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Pre Suns Game Roundup

Sefko states the obvious and reminds everyone this is a big game.

A victory gives the Mavericks a four-game lead for the final playoff spot with five to play. It gives them the tiebreaker and forces the Suns to run the table to have a chance.

"It's going to come down to Sunday's game," Nowitzki said. "If we lose this one, it's only a two-game lead, and we've got a lot of tough teams coming up. We've got New Orleans twice. We've got Utah at home. We've got Houston.

"Sunday is definitely a big, big game. The good thing is we're at home. We've been great at home. Our fans have been great for us. Somehow, we've got to fight and pull that out."


Wondering what Shaq was doing last night?  Here's your answer.


And has audio of Josh Howard after practice yesterday who doesn't know if he'll play today but does know he doesn't want to go under the knife.