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Monday Morning Links

Instead of the usual roundup of links this morning I'm just going to ramble about Twitter for the next 2,000 words.  Kidding!

So finally we know something about this steam --  they are going to the playoffs.  Even Rick Carlisle is almost ready to talk about it.

"We still have to win one more game to make sure we qualify, but make no mistake - we feel we are a dangerous team," coach Rick Carlisle said. "We're looking to move up. That's where things are."

Carlisle was uncharacteristically optimistic after the game yesterday.

"When you got the energy going the right way and everybody's into it, I don't know how to explain it, but things like that happen. Magical things happen. We're looking to ride the wave here."

"We got a chance to get some momentum, get a little healthier and we feel like we're becoming a more dangerous team every day."

It was kind of the opposite of Steve Nash's postgame comments who just said Dallas put Phoenix "out of their misery".  Ouch.


David Moore has the Jason Kidd passing Magic article.

"I like the bounce pass," Kidd says. "Dirk and Jet like to take a dribble to get into rhythm before they shoot.

"When you bounce it to them, it almost acts like a dribble for those guys."

And speaking of Dirk, he was sneaky good yesterday.

Dirk Nowitzki was barely made mention of during the telecast, but he missed two shots in 12 tries. The guy was nailing fadeaways when he couldn't even see the basket, or after taking a two-handed shove from Matt Barnes.


Fisher has a cool story from Carlisle's pregame where literally "wiped the board clean."