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The Friday Roundup

Eddie Sefko has some quotes on the Nuggets from an anonymous Western Conference scout.

"If Dallas can keep the game up-tempo, but under control, I don't think Denver has the depth to go with Dallas on that," the observer said. "Dallas will play 10 guys now. And Denver is going to play about seven or seven and a half.

"They come off with Andersen and J.R. Smith and that's really about it. I think Dallas is going to throw numbers at them. In a series, over the long haul, that should have an effect."

Seven and a half?  Someone tell this scout Earl Boykins left Denver two years ago.


David Moore writes that Carlisle experimenting with the bench players throughout the regular season payed off against the Spurs.

"It was a very interesting process to see how it developed and who distinguished themselves at what time," Carlisle said. "Really, everyone played well when they got the chance to play."


Kelly Dwyer has a list of the top 20 series of the decade and got number one absolutely correct.

1. Dallas over San Antonio, 2006

Simply the gold standard, for our time. Featuring an up-and-comer taking on the defending champs, this contest featured a two-point Spurs win to start it, followed by a shocking 12-point Mavs win in San Antonio. A one-point Mavs win and five-point Dallas overtime victory came next, with a one and five-point Spurs win to follow, ending with a classic Mavericks overtime win in San Antonio that featured a season-saving three-point play from Dirk Nowitzki (37 points, 15 rebounds) at the end of regulation.

Dallas is also included at 5, 7, 8, 9, and 17.


Fisher's morning donuts.


Randy Galloway calls frames the upcoming series as good vs. evil.  I believe he's saying he loves the Nuggets because they have "thugs" -- a word used about 100 times in th article.