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The Game Five Roundup

I am so tired of the Carmelo's gf, Martin's mom, Cuban, thug, racism, punk, throwing drinks, he said-she said, they started it, blog apoligies, and 'f****t motherfuc@*r' crap.  It's stupid.  All of it, by everyone on both sides.  I really don't care, and it really has almost no impact on the game.  Starting with Dirk's drama, Mavs playoff coverage has been reduced to Page 6 material.  I'm not linking to a single story on any of it because it doesn't matter.

Sefko writes on Dirk & Carmelo, and wonders if Dirk could carry Dallas to a game five win too.

But with Denver seemingly married to the idea of guarding Nowitzki one-on-one, you have to wonder if just about anything is possible for him.

"I can't say enough about what Dirk did out there," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. "Just a fantastic performance. There are very few guys I've been around in this league that are as strong-willed as he is. Dirk's performance was amazing."

"It looked like he had a mission," Denver coach George Karl said of Nowitzki.


Mike Fisher has the game five announcers and refs.

Your TNT voices are Matt Devlin, PJ Carlesimo and Marty Snider!

Your NBA zebras are Joey Crawford, Ronnie Garretson and Bill Kennedy.


Jason Kidd on how he's looking at 3-1.

 "There's no pressure on us," Jason Kidd said. "You look at history and you say, at some point, it's got to change. You can always tell yourself, why not be part of history? Look at baseball, what the Red Sox did to the Yankees."

"We took a little baby step," Kidd said. "It's easy to say, hey, we don't need to get on that flight and go back to Denver. But we showed character and fought.

"The pressure's on them to try to end the series. We've just got to go up there and find a way to win."


Rick Carisle left last night to be a pallbearer at Chuck Daly's funeral.  He'll miss the shootaround today.


JJT says the Mavs are tough!