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Saturday Stuff

David Moore writes about how different Denver is than San Antonio and thinks that if Denver is scoring over 105 than Dallas is in trouble.  Moore also isn't buying Karl's statement that Dirk won't be double teamed.

"The only thing you can tell Dirk is he's not going to be double-teamed," Karl announced after Friday's practice.

"The wild card I like in this game is A.C. [Anthony Carter] on Jason Terry defensively," Karl said. "Jason is a tough match-up for a lot of teams, but we've done a good job on him. Knock on wood."


Sefko discusses Denver being a physical team and warns Dallas not get caught up in it.

"I don't see us going out there getting a whole bunch of technicals. That's not our style," Jason Terry said. "We'll let our play speak for itself and let them do the rest. If they get them [technical fouls], that's cool for us. We'll shoot free throws the whole game."


Mike Fisher has his morning donuts.


Sefko thinks the key to the series might be the Mavs defensive rebounding.

But if you're looking for the ultimate something's-got-to-give key to the series, Rick Carlisle and George Karl agree on it: rebounding.

"They're very strong, very quick, and they're all above-the-rim players," Carlisle said. "Their offensive rebounding is something we're going to have to find a solution for because that's how they get a lot of their easy baskets and second-chance possibilities."