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Nick Calathes the Target at 24?

Draft Express is hearing that the Mavs target with the 24th pick is Florida PG Nick Calathes.

We're receiving some indications that the Dallas Mavericks are still in hot pursuit of Greek-bound Nick Calathes with the #24 pick. Owner Mark Cuban and head coach Rick Carlisle are both fans of the big point guard, and appear to be willing to wait a year until signing him. There is a school of thought that Calathes may be able to get out of his contract with Panathinaikos and play for the Mavs this year already, possibly with a buyout, but we're not sure of how accurate that is...

...Sacramento likes Calathes at 23, but appears to be leaning in other directions, although that could change.

Mike Fisher has also heard that the Mavs' really like him'.  This goes along with the quotes yesterday that Dallas thinks they can get their guy at 24, because I don't think I've seen a mock that has Calathes going higher than 22.  Chad Ford currently has him at 26 to Chicago.