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Friday Draft Links

DMN Blog on Beaubois
Just got off the phone with ESPN's Fran Fraschilla who had this to say about Rodrigue Beaubois: "If he was drafted out of Kansas or Texas, Mavericks fans would be holding a block party today."

2009 NBA Draft: Best and worst dressed - Ball Don't Lie
Best Accessories: Rodrigue Beaubois(notes), Oklahoma City Thunder (traded to Dallas), No. 25 Like the watch and pocket square; love the tiny French flag accent on the cuffs. Très excellent!

Dallas Basketball - Breaks down the trades

Step 1 -- Trade No. 22 down to Portland for No. 24, and No. 56, plus Portland's second-rounder in 2010.

Step 2 'Trade No. 24 down to OKC for No. 25 and OKC's second-rounder in 2010.

Step 3  Trade Portland's No. 2 in 2010 plus cash for Minnesota's No. 45. Then. Turn No. 25 into Rodrigue Beaubois, turn No. 45 into Nick Calathes and turn No. 56 into Ahmad Nivins while still retaining OKC's second-rounder in 2010.

DMN Dallas Mavericks - Nelson on Beaubois
"He was milliseconds behind Devin Harris," Nelson said of Beaubois' performance in some of the pre-draft visit tests to measure quickness. "He's just starting to scratch the surface."

Chad Ford Gives Mavs B-
Analysis: I like the Mavericks' second-round picks more than their first-rounder. I'd be willing to bet Calathes becomes a much better player than Beaubois, both in Europe and in the NBA, and Nivins is an up-and-comer. I am not sold on Beaubois and think Toney Douglas would have been a better pick here.

Bill Simmons' 13th annual NBA Draft Diary
B.J. Mullens (this year's token white center who will bounce around for eight years without ever making a dent) to Dallas; Rodrigue Beaubois (the French Leandro Barbosa) to the Zombies

Chad Ford says the Hornets really wanted Mullens
The Mavs are trading this pick to the Thunder for No. 25 and a future second-round pick. The Thunder have been looking to get Mullens for weeks and tried to get up as high as No. 14 to get him. Clearly, Sam Presti sees something he likes. Mullens reminds me a lot of a young Darko Milicic, for both good and bad -- he's skilled and athletic, but he doesn't really know how to play.

Mavericks' Carlisle compares point guard to Celtics' Rondo
"You'll probably hear rumors that he'll stay in Europe, but that's not the plan at all," Carlisle said. "The whole thing went absolutely as we had prepared for. We targeted a guy that we wanted and we felt we could get him a little lower than our pick. "He's a dynamic athlete. He just looks like a basketball player with his length." Carlisle compared Beaubois to Boston point guard Rajon Rondo. And Beaubois said he has heard that comparison, too. He does not consider himself comparable to fellow Frenchman Tony Parker

Dallas Mavericks gamble they'll make noise in free agency
"Wait," said president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson. "One shouldn't confuse silence with inactivity. We're prepared for a very active summer." That's tough to do when you see the rest of the league upgrading in the arms race at a rapid pace.