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Tuesday Morning Roundup

Who Knew Nick Calathes Was This Good | Dime Magazine

"With former point guards such as Jason Williams, Teddy Dupay and Taurean Green, Calathes ranks third in Gator history in career assists after just two years, breaking the records for assists and assists per game in each of his first two years - 221 as a freshman (6.1 apg) and 231 (6.4 apg) as a sophomore.

That’s why in a PG heavy Draft, I understood Calathes heading overseas to play in the Greek A1 League with the elite Euroleague champion club Panathinaikos Athens. Making around €2.1 million euros net income over three years, in addition to providing him with a home, car, tax credits, and endorsements, Calathes was getting hooked up

But what I didn’t understand was why Calathes dropped all the way down to the Timberwolves with the 45th pick in the second round before being traded to the Mavericks for a 2010 second round draft pick and cash. In a couple years, that could be one of the best trades Mark Cuban ever made."

Nuggets' Martin says 'everything's fine' between him, Cuban
"He reached out to me," Martin said. "I didn't reach out to him. "But he reached out, and I'll leave it behind. It wasn't negative. Everything's fine. It's over.

DMN: Kidd the big fish, but Dallas Mavericks view Bass as a keeper, too
"Brandon likes Dallas and appreciates the Mavericks," agent Tony Dutt said. "He will certainly look at that, but he will look at other options, too. I'm pretty comfortable in saying he's going to get a ton of interest." Bass will be seeking the mid-level exception. Because he has been with the Mavericks for two seasons, they can offer him any annual salary up to the exception without actually using their exception.

DMN Blog: Kidd Being Recruited in New York
Word has it that Mark Cuban will be in New York at midnight tonight to start the process of conveying the Mavericks' interest in retaining the free agent. This should be viewed as a sign of just how important retaining Kidd is. The Mavericks are making him their No. 1 priority - before Rasheed Wallace or Charlie Villanueva or Ben Gordon or anybody else.