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Some Tuesday Draft Links

Rumored Dallas obsession Jordan Hill may be slipping -- but not to 22 or anything.

DraftExpress: International Blog Reebok Eurocamp Day Two 3251

Jordan Hill potentially slipping into the bottom of the top-10 or even possibly slightly beyond. The talk is that the Washington Wizards’ 5th pick could very well end up being claimed by Stephen Curry (whether for them or another team trading up), and that since Minnesota, Golden State, New York and maybe even Toronto appear to be looking at other positional needs, Hill could be on the short end of the stick come draft night. "

He's not slipping because of camp performances though.

Jordan Hill tied for the second highest max vertical reach in this class, maxing out at 11’11", which ties him historically with Nene and puts him just ahead of Al Horford. His 31" no step vertical was quite impressive for a guy his size, and his no step reach of 11’7" tied him with the likes of Josh Smith.


Chad Ford has Dallas taking Terrence Williams in his latest mock draft.

2009 NBA Mock Draft, Version 3.0 - ESPN
"Analysis: The Mavs have been willing to take a chance on big-time athletes with a questionable background. It worked for them with Josh Howard and it might work again with Terrence Williams. He has lottery talent, and if he can focus and improve that jump shot, he could be a long-term replacement for Jerry Stackhouse."


Every year after Dallas gets knocked out of the playoffs all anyone can talk about is how Dallas needs a player exactly like someone on the team who beat them.  The best example was after Golden State where people said we needed someone crazy like Matt Barnes or Stephen Jackson.  I'm pretty sure that just means we need someone with a bunch of tattoos because now people who call into radio shows think we need someone like Chris Andersen. 

Well, one guy in the draft says that's who he can be.

DraftExpress: Alade Aminu: "I can be a Chris Anderson type of guy"

"It wasn’t until he took part in the Portsmouth Invitational that the former track standout started to make some noise and appear on draft boards. Already possessing an immensely long frame (6-10 with a 7-3 wingspan) Aminu exhibited great speed and athleticism for a big man, dominating defenses for stretches off the pick and roll.

DX: What kind of a role do you see yourself playing in the NBA?

AA: I think I’ll probably come in as a high energy, defensive guy. I think I can be a Chris Anderson type of guy, someone who comes in and blocks a lot of shots and brings energy, gets some baskets here and there."

He's expected to go in the late second round or possibly undrafted.  Dallas traded their second round pick for Shawne Williams.


Memphis is apparently listening to offers for their second overall pick.

Meanwhile, the Griz still are entertaining offers for the No. 2 pick as well as their 27th and 36th selections.

As the rumor mill churns, the Griz have been approached by several teams about acquiring the second overall pick. Boston, Houston and New York are said to be among the most recent suitors.

Boston and Houston would likely have to offer an established NBA player or two, given that neither team owns a first-round pick.

I think Memphis would only be willing to swap picks with another lottery team who really wanted Rubio though -- I can't imagine a scenario where they trade their way out of the first round.  They aren't that dumb.