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Friday Morning Links

FWST: Moving forward: Mavericks aren’t being bashful
Isn’t this the same Marion that bellyached his way out of Phoenix because he wasn’t getting respected — at $17 million per season? He’s going to want the basketball, and I’m sort of wondering how that’s going to work out. On one hand, he will be dutifully served by the NBA’s wisest old table-setter, Jason Kidd. On the other hand, at the end of the game, the Mavericks don’t need another guy with his toes parked at the 3-point arc, whistling for someone to throw him the ball.

Eddie Sefko: Lots of options: Marion makes Dallas Mavericks more versatile
"This gives us the firepower that we need to compete with the top teams in the West," president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said of the acquisition of Marion. "We're just ecstatic to add a player of this caliber with his experience and athleticism." Defense and rebounding are two areas that Marion certainly will help. But perhaps the best thing that the deal does is give the Mavericks the option of putting four legitimate scorers around Jason Kidd, who wouldn't care if he averaged two shots per game as long as the win column gets bloated.

DMN: Once you sort it out, Dallas Mavericks got better
Consider Steve Nash, who went from being a very good point guard in Dallas to a two-time MVP in Phoenix, where all his athletic finishers made for easier assists. One of those finishers was Marion. True, he no longer plays the game at the same level. But he'll inject life into a stand-around kind of lineup. He also provides Rick Carlisle some flexibility, sliding to power forward when the Mavs want to go small.

Chat: Chat with John Hollinger - SportsNation - ESPN
Louis (San Antonio) Even with Marion, Mavs can't touch the Spurs, right?
John Hollinger (3:15 PM) Um, you watched the playoffs this year, right? San Antonio obviously will be better adding Manu, Jefferson and McDyess to that crew, but I don't think it's a given that they beat out Dallas.

DMN: Bass Likely Headed Out
President of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said Bass is likely to sign elsewhere, perhaps choosing among Portland, Orlando and Detroit. "We have nothing but love for Brandon and if there's any way we can help him get somewhere in the form of a sign-and-trade, we'll be happy to do it," Nelson said. "From a purely financial standpoint, it just looks like he will end up elsewhere."

Sydney Morning Herlad: Jawai traded in blockbuster NBA deal
Australian Boomer Jawai was selected by Indiana with the 41st pick in last year's NBA draft before being immediately traded to Toronto. The 208cm big man played in just six games with the Raptors in his rookie season, spending most of the 2008-09 campaign with the Idaho Stampede in the secondary NBA Development League. He averaged 11.1 points and 6.4 boards in 24 minutes per game with the Stampede and should be given a chance to blossom in Dallas. The 22-year-old is no stranger to Texas, having played one season of college basketball at Midland Texas College in 2006-07.