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Some Sunday Links

Mavs struggle on the defensive end | ESPNDallas
But more than the 41.3 percent shooting the Mavs had from the field on Saturday, Carlisle was disappointed that Dallas allowed Utah to shoot 53.2 percent. "That is one of the highest numbers all year we've given up," Carlisle said. "They were near or above 50 most of the night, so we just didn't get the job done defensively. It's as simple as that. We lost the first three quarters pretty decisively."

Jazz routs Dallas Mavericks, 111-93 | DMN
Gooden suited up so the Mavericks would have 12 players in uniform, but was unable to play. "I think there's enough time now to recover for the Lakers' game," Gooden said of the next game on Wednesday. Said coach Rick Carlisle: "It's hard to replace an all-star and a double-double guy." 

Jazz 111, Mavs 93: Sleepwalking From Start To Finish |
To be precise, it was all downhill from the 260-second mark, when the Mavs led 8-6 … and never led again. Local-kid-made-good Deron Williams led green-clad Utah with 20 points and nine assists, dictating control and pace against a Mavs team that fell behind by as much as 24 and performed as if it had an NFL-watching party to attend.     "I'm pretty disappointed,'' Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said, "because we lost the first three quarters pretty decisively.’’