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Saturday Roundup

Dirk, Terry hold off Thunder, 99-98 | ESPN Dallas
He hit a baseline jumper, sank two free throws and then buried the dagger to put Dallas up 99-96 with 6.4 seconds to go. Nowitzki held the ball at the top of the key, faced-up Oklahoma City forward Jeff Green for a couple of seconds, then rose up over him, swishing the jumper. "I was tired, there was no way I was going to drive so I looked at him, looked at him and I was hoping that he'd back up so I didn't have to move and that's what he did," Nowitzki said. "He just gave me a little light and I was able to rise up, get a little space and knock it down. That was a big shot."

Dallas Mavericks straighten up at home with 99-98 win | DMN
"I thought we really stepped it up defensively," Nowitzki said. "We'd been struggling a little bit, but we made some adjustments and they worked pretty good in the second half." Added Carlisle: "We need everyone to buy into the importance of defense. It's staring us in the face like a freight train coming at your head."

Saturday Morning Donuts: Mavs 99, OKC 98 |
From Jason Kidd’s save/forced-turnover off the leg of Kevin Durant was my personal J-Kidd highlight, but by the numbers, he had a bunch of ‘em here. Kidd recorded four steals for his sixth four-steal game of the season. I don’t need to tell you that if you record four steals in a game, you are grabbing the wheel of a game’s pace with both hands. (By the way, Dallas forced 11 steals and is now 9-1 when recording 10-or-more swipes.)

Emotions rise - and Mavericks' Jason Terry responds | Eddie Sefko - DMN
"I pick up two quick ones and coach yanks me and I have to go over and re-focus," Terry said. Said Carlisle of the incident: "I have selective hearing and sight." "Coach did the right thing," said Jason Kidd, whose job description includes being the soul and leader of the team. "He took Terry out, and Jet was upset. And Jet responded. It was the right thing all the way around. Jet showed his competitiveness."

Carlisle rants about Durant's 'stupid jump-in thing' - ESPNDallas
"He scored several points on that stupid jump-in thing," Carlisle said. "It’s an unnatural basketball play. It should be disallowed. "That should be an offensive foul, because it’s totally unnatural. It doesn’t flow with the game at all. It’s completely manufactured. "It’s like that old kick-out-the-leg play that is now an offensive foul. That’s what that play should be. There’s no question. There’s no place for it in this game."