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Raptors Blowout Mavs 110-88: Postgame Quotes

Rick Carlisle

On the 2nd Quarter

It was our undoing.  They scored 34.  We scored 18.  Turnovers led to uncontested shots.  We went through a drought.  When you go through a drought, you've got to stop them.  We didn't do it.  The end result is a loss.

What happened after halftime.

I thought we came out with good energy.  I think we stopped them five straight times and then they scored seven straight times.  Our inability to sustain anything really consistent defensively was the problem for us.  When we get stops we can get out in transition, we can get good shots...  but the second the quarter, the damage that was done there and after the first 12 possession... it got extremely tough. 

Do you feel like the frustration got the better of your guys in the second half?

Possibly, but that's something that we've got to remedy.  Our problem is not the officials or those kinds of things, our problem is staying on task, and knowing what's important to help us win.  We've just got to keep hammering away at it, gotta keep pointing it out, gotta keep showing film, gotta keep reminding them and we'll get better.

Is attention span lacking at times?

Every team in this league is looking for consistency.  When we struggle with, we are like every other team -- we struggle.  We've got to play better.  Give Toronto credit, they played extremely well.  They were very active and had a lot of guys play well. 

On coming out with energy...

The first quarter was a good quarter for us -- based on the score and all that.  They didn't shoot well, I thought we had something to do with that.  We didn't shoot particularly well either, but we  had a lead.  We went through a stretch where we turned it over, came up dry, and weren't defending.  That's like three bad things to have happen at once.  Digging a hole, especially on the road, is always going to make it tough. 

What do you say to them?


We've got to get out of here.  We'll look at some of the problems we had.  We don't have a big turnaround time, and we've got to get ready to play Boston tomorrow. 

Jason Terry

There are certain things we've got to get accomplished, especially with that second group.  We don't have Dirk out there, so there are certain things -- we have to run, we have to stay disciplined, we definitely have to defend.  On the offensive end, we've got know what we're looking for.  We didn't.  We were searching out there.

We were prepared, but didn't carry that over to the game.  We got off to a good start.  Our starters did an outstanding job.  For the second unit to come in and play the we did -- it's embarrassing.  I've challenged them.  I've challenged myself.  I'm a part of that group, so we've got to do a better job in this next game.