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Monday Morning Roundup

Carlisle on Dallas Mavericks' 131-96 loss: 'It's just embarrassing' | DMN
Kobe Bryant scored 15 points, and the Lakers didn't even need that to plant, by far, the worst loss of the season on the Mavs, who'd lost by 16 twice before. "It's just embarrassing, and we all own it," coach Rick Carlisle said. "They played great, and we played terrible. It was atypical of the year so far, and it's very disappointing. It's the first time all year when we didn't put up the fight we needed."

The Come Up: Pistons, Spurs and Jazz | Jeff Wade - ESPNDallas
The Mavs got rolled by the Lakeshow to the tune of 131-96, but it seemed way worse. Than a 35-point beatdown. Seriously. Four of their next five are at home before a long five-game East Coast trip. It all gets started with a struggling Detroit Pistons team at the AAC on Tuesday night.

LA 131, Mavs 96: Dallas Can't Scale Mount Laker | Mike Fisher -
So continuing to play at this pace gets your Mavs to around 62-20, and ... assuming the Lakers keep on being the Lakers -- it's likely not yet good enough. How do the Mavs keep pace and match LA's projected 66 wins? All Dallas has to do from here is win 43 of the remaining 48 games. Hey, I'm a homer. But I'm not a "Dallas-is-gonna-go-43-and-5" homer.

Dirk hits milestone, ties Harper | Jeff Caplan - ESPNDallas
The Dallas Mavericks power forward played in his 872nd career game with the Mavs, tying Derek Harper for second-most in franchise history. Nowitzki, assuming he remains in good health, will surpass leader Brad Davis (883) in February.

Dallas Mavericks' Josh Howard's ankle responds to workload | DMN
When he played the entire fourth quarter against Sacramento on Saturday, producing eight points and two rebounds, then came back and was good to go against the Lakers on Sunday on the second half of a back-to-back, it was a terrific sign. "It's picking up," he said of his ankle. "I'm doing my rehab. And actually, it's been a whole lot better. I'm surprised the way it's feeling now. I'm almost back to my old self."

Happy 10th anniversary, Mark Cuban! | ESPNDallas
Monday marks the 10th anniversary of Mark Cuban purchasing the Dallas Mavericks for $285 million. Joked NBA commissioner David Stern: "Ten years? It seems like 50."