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Frigid Thursday Roundup

Mavs need more of that Jet | Tim MacMahon - ESPNDallas
"Jet was the guy who got us going," Dirk Nowitzki said. "For some reason, he hasn’t had a great shooting season so far, but he definitely had the energy today." Added Terry: "Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come."

Drew Gooden proving his value to Dallas Mavericks | DMN
"There's some nights when you're right there and you tip it and tip it and the damn thing won't go in," coach Rick Carlisle said Wednesday. "A lot of guys get discouraged in those situations. But he gets even more determined. Our team feeds off that, and it helps us and gets our crowd involved. "I love the way he pursues the ball. Whether it's in the air off the rim or on the floor, he's after it."

Thursday Donuts: Channel-Flipping Mavs And Cowboys |
Meanwhile, a terrific weekend in Mavs action, Spurs on Friday and Jazz 24 later, is obviously diluted. Toss in the freezing weather and the fact that scores of thousands of people are naturally fans of both the Cowboys and the Mavs, and what do you have? Some of those scores of thousands of people will opt to stay warm and stay home and watch both games on TV.

Where It's At? How can we spend Cuban's money? | Jeff Wade ESPNDallas
While we were all kicking around the Sports Guy's wild trade ideas from a few weeks back, we completely glossed over Simmons’ link to Ken Berger’s article that noted: "The numbers are important because they reflect how even teams with relatively healthy paid attendance – such as the Mavericks, who are averaging 15,373 – are suffering due to pricing pressure from the recession. Dallas’ paid attendance is down 8.2 percent, but its gate receipts are down 15.9 percent." Now that ain’t Monopoly money. But oh well, right? Ignore the carnage, just feed me my salary spreadsheets so I can concoct crazier trade ideas until the Mavs are sniffing a $150 million bottom line.