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Game Recap: Jazz Waltz Past Mavericks 111-93

The mercurial Utah Jazz (4-6 in their last ten) arrive at the American Airlines Center looking to snatch a win from the Dallas Mavericks on their second game in as many nights.  A win for Utah will all depend on whether or not Deron Williams is back to form as he returns from a wrist injury.  After a having to secure a win late against the Spurs, look for the Mavericks to come out and set the tone early against the Jazz.

Both teams played last night; which one can push through the tired legs to get the win? 

Game as a Whole:

The Jazz came out looking to attack the paint and run every chance they got, the Mavericks never knew what hit them.  Even as the Mavericks tried to push back against the Jazz attack they couldn’t keep the Jazz from scoring (they shot 52% from the field and 43% from three). 

The Mavericks missed both Josh Howard and Drew Gooden, add to that the fact that we traded Kris Humphries (making him ineligible) and the Mavericks were sorely in need of big bodies to keep Deron Williams and the Jazz from getting to the basket.  The Mavericks started slow and remained slow through out the game.  The disappearance of defense has got to be disheartening as the Mavericks look like they are regressing a bit as we had to toward the all-star break. 

Let’s look at the quarters…

1st Quarter:
  • 11:04, Even with Carlos Boozer reaching in, Dirk Nowitzki still nails the jumper.
  • 10:21, Erick Dampier has renewed confidence in his jump shot after that made three last night. 
  • 9:52, Another basket against Boozer for Nowitzki.  He is looking to score early and often.
  • 8:37, Kidd has remade his career as a spot up shooter.  You have to admire the guy for re-inventing his game. 
  • 6:44, Nowitzki gives up on defense as he looks for a call against Boozer.
  • 6:26, Marion knifes to the basket for an easy layup.  Kidd puts the ball right on the money for him. 
  • 5:44, Dampier throws the ball away as he tries to get the outlet pass.  Committing a foul on Boozer only compounds the mistake. 
  • 5:20, Offensive rebound for Erick Dampier and Shawn Marion can’t capitalize. 
  • 4:57, Jason Terry gets his first basket of the night on the baseline. 
  • 4:41, Terry is a little too aggressive on defense, forcing Nowitzki to cover for him.  Would like to see him stay at home and not gamble for the steal.
  • 3:51, A Marion offensive rebound leads to a Kidd three.  Marion is being active on the glass tonight. 
  • 3:14, Terry surprises Deron Williams and forces him into a travel. 
  • 3:03, Kidd’s three has just enough to go in.  That makes 3 three-pointers for the night. 
  • 2:20, Terry throws up one of the ugliest running one-handers I have ever seen.  It had no chance of going in. 
  • The Jazz have started the night by clogging the paint forcing the Mavericks into tough outside shots.
  • 1:50, Beaubois gets some more playing time as Barea has been nonexistent lately. 
  • :57.0, Nowitzki clangs the shot on a trailing three.  The Mavericks are getting slaughtered by quick passing in the paint. 
  • :22.0, Beaubois chucks up a three instead of looking for a teammate to pass to.  His game is still a bit rough. 
  • Terry doesn’t hit a thing on a three attempt to end the quarter.  Mavericks looked lost again on defense. Buckle your seatbelts. 
2nd Quarter:
  • 11:38, Mavericks are now down ten as the Jazz keep pounding it into the paint.
  • 11:18, Terry finally gets something going to the rim; gets the floater on an inbounds play.
  • 10:47, Quinton Ross with the rare basket.
  • Mavericks are giving up a lot of offensive rebounds tonight (Jazz already have 4). 
  • 9:18, Bad closeout by Dirk (truth be told there was a missed rotation) and Rick Carlisle takes a time out. 
  • 8:11, Shawn Marion makes a move to the rim and dumps the pass to Dirk for a 15 footer. 
  • 7:50, Even with Dampier back in, the Jazz still get another bucket in the paint.
  • 7:38, Marion misses both of his free throws.  Dallas comes back in a zone and the Jazz air ball.
  • 6:53, Nowitzki hits off of a curl.  Jazz miss another shot due to the zone.
  • 6:20, Marion throws a pass to himself off the rim and then puts it back up for the score. 
  • 5:29, Mavericks get another stop with the zone.  Transition defense gives up another score to the Jazz.
  • 4:42, Marion comes out of nowhere and cuts to the basket at just the right time to get the score.  He bailed Terry out on that play. 
  • 3:46, Back-to-back bucket for Marion as the shot clock expires.
  • 2:32, Nowitzki finally gets a basket in the paint.  Mavericks make a stop in the paint.  Nowitzki then hits the fall away jumper. 
  • 1:29, Dampier bobbles the ball but comes down with an offensive rebound.  Marion scores to bring the Mavericks within seven.  Marion has been key in this quarter.
  • Dallas closes out the quarter down ten.  It would seem that Terry has fallen back into a shooting slump. 
3rd Quarter:
  • Another basket in the paint to start off the second half for the Jazz.
  • Kidd loses the ball, as Barea does not call out that someone is coming up behind him.
  • 10:30, Barea finally gets something going with a three.  He also plays some nice defense on Deron Williams running the floor.
  • 10:03, Dampier gets two fouls in the span of 10 seconds.  Not such a great night for Dampier.
  • 9:19, Deron Williams hits another three in Barea’s face.  Might need to put Ross back in. 
  • Dallas is in need of Josh Howard’s services tonight.  Would compliment Dirk at the 5 more than Tim Thomas.
  • 8:37, Great inbounds play for Dirk (gets his first bucket of the half) and he gets the slam.
  •  8:14, Kidd’s reach in will have the Jazz shooting free throws the rest of the way. 
  • 7:58, Pump fake and the lean back nets an and-1 for Nowitzki. 
  • 6:58, With the Mavericks down 22 Kidd charges his way into the paint.  Matt Carroll comes in for Marion?  What is going on?
  • 6:39, The zone gets Kidd a steal and easy lay up.
  • 6:06, Tim Thomas would have been better off throwing the ball out of bounds than shooting that shot.
  • 5:16, Tim Thomas finally gets a shot to go down. 
  • 4:17, Kidd now has 14 points after that lay up.  Pretty good night for Kidd. 
  • 1:53, Barea gets a basket and the Mavericks are still down by 20.  There are currently only two players on the court that are scoring for the Mavericks. 
  • James Singleton comes into the ball game.  Gets a block and grabs an offensive rebound.  Why didn’t he start?
  • Carroll comes back with a 3 pointer. 
4th Quarter:
  • NBA League pass has technical difficulties.  I think it is trying to spare us from having to watch anymore of this game. 
  • Dallas is currently rallying; they are only down 16 now.  I am listening to all of this instead of watching it. 
  • Even though the game is not being shown, they still are able to show commercials.  WTF is up with that?
  • No need to match the fourth quarter as the Mavericks lay down and die 111-93.  Another blowout for the Mavericks does not bode well.  Rick Carlisle has his work cut out for him. 

Some Choice Statistics:

  • Jason Kidd is an 8-time all-star.
  • If the playoffs started today it would be the LA Lakers, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, San Antonio, Portland, Houston, and Oklahoma City.  Dallas would be facing Houston. 
  • The Mavericks are only giving up 97.4 points a game.  In comparison, the LA Lakers are giving up 97.2 points a game.

Closing Thoughts:

Even 19 points from Jason Kidd couldn’t save the Mavericks from getting blown out.  The Mavericks need to refocus their efforts on defense as they have gotten away from a lot of the things that have gotten them the second best record in the West.  Maybe Najera comes in and helps this team out?