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Mavericks Podcast Begins This Week

Mavericks Outsider Report
Mavericks Outsider Report

Hey Guys and Gals, a few weeks ago I mentioned that my internet talk-radio show would be shifting to an All-Mavericks format and this week will be the premiere episode.  Mavericks Outsider Report will get you caught up to date on what has happened (if you're just getting back into the swing of things), look ahead and try to look into the future.

It's all Mavericks information so you guys should be interested haha. Please, PLEASE listen and download the show and feel free to call in and share your thoughts, they are always welcomed! It airs on Mondays from 3-5 PM CST on in the Green Bowl.  If you are unable to listen live, links will be provided on here for you to download the podcast.  The show will be an extension of Mavs Moneyball, so if you're a lover of Mavs Moneyball and need your Mavericks fix, be sure to catch the show every week.