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Matt Carroll proves he can be worth his contract

Matt Carroll, a man who figured out how to get a 6 year contract. However, the Bobcats needed a defensive presence at the 5, so they decided to acquire Diop from the Mavs for Matt Carroll and Ryan Hollins. When Matt Carroll came over in the Diop trade, I figured he could help the team. The reports coming out at the time all indicated he was a sharpshooter.



Once he played on the floor, however, he couldn't make a shot to save his life, and his defensive skills were horrible, even worse than Devean George. The Mavs community has a bromance with Carroll for some reason I couldn't understand, even though he was the worst player on the bench for what he was getting paid. I was waiting to see Carroll shipped out of town at any cost, even taking back a worse player and/or contract would be better than having Carroll. The day I savored came on July 13, 2010 when the DUST chip, Carroll, and Najera were sent to the Bobcats for Tyson Chandler and Alexis Ajinca. Many of you bemoaned the loss of Carroll, but thought "Good Riddance! He didn't do jack with the team!".

The news coming out of the Bobcats is intriguing, however. He made 184 free throws in practice, something he never did in DAL. He has played well in the games with the Bobcats, such as in the Heat game on October 18, where he was 2-2 from three point land and had a +18 on efficiency, the highest of any Bobcat by far. Watching Carrol,he shot well, passed like a guard should, and dived on the hardwood to get the loose ball. He has an energy not seen in Dallas, and I have finally found out why he got his 6 year contract. If Carroll plays like this, he no longer will be the towel boy, instead, he can get the Most Improved Player Award. I still do not know the source of the bromance with Carroll,  but that can wait another day.