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Enhance Your Experience: Out of Town Fandom

If you've been around for the past season or two, you've come to know me well. I not only manage the site, I run the game threads for our beloved Mavericks as well. You also know that I don't live in Dallas. Not even close, in fact. When I first started with this site, I was living in Queens, NY, and I've since moved back to Northern Virginia. That puts me, as you may have guessed, a bit out of range for Mavericks broadcasts. That means I can't catch every game, and it means I don't get Mavericks news in my news. So to compensate, I rely on... wait for it... the internet.

Quite recently I acquired a fancy-shmancy smart phone, and the first app I downloaded was ScoreCenter so I could track my beloved Mavericks even when I was nowhere near a television or computer. If I'm out at a bar (I have a social life, don't shake your heads at me) during a Mavericks game, chances are the game isn't going to be on the TVs there. Or if I have to travel, which I frequently do, the odds are low that there will be a television on the bus or train, whatever the case may be. In those situations, I would be lost without my phone.

Forget the fact that I look a little crazed, staring intensely at the tiny screen, watching little dots move across the shot chart. Ignore my shouts of glee when the update reveals a last-minute, over-Yao's-head, hail mary pass for the win when I am sitting on a crowded metro. I have to know what's going on with my team. I just hafta. And if not for the blessed advances in technology that allow me to follow my team from virtually anywhere, I would be a lost, sad little girl.