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Game 3: Mavericks vs Clippers Preview

Don't be surprised to see Dirk under Blake in this dunk.
Don't be surprised to see Dirk under Blake in this dunk.


Memphis 91. Mavericks 90, a loss that shouldn't have been. After the disappointing loss, mainly due to Jason Terry, the Mavs travel to Los Angeles to face the Clippers in a mini road trip. While the 1-1 record of the Mavs has Mavs fans disappointed, the Clippers are in far worse condition. Roddy Beaubois and Alexis Ajinca are on the inactive list for the Mavs, as well as a DAL bench warmer. The Clippers have Craig Smith and Willie Warren out with injuries.

Don't expect an easy win, or even a win for that matter. While the Clips have been atrocious, with their 21 point beat down by Golden State Friday, the Mavs haven't been playing defense all too well. Dirk and Terry need to guard their man when playing man to man, since Darell Arthur and Mike Conley abused them because of almost no D. While Rick Carlisle should put in Butler or Marion to cover Eric Gordon, Dirk needs to step it up to cover Blake Griffin, who has had a double double in the last 2 games. Don't be surprised if Dirk makes the highlight reel- getting dunked on. Jason Kidd will have no trouble with Baron Davis, who has played like D.J Augustin from CHA, only with a few more assists. If Terry does start and Butler at the 3 spot, expect easy buckets from Caron, since Ryan Gomes is the starter for LAC. If Tyson Chandler indeed starts tomorrow, he and Chris Kaman should have one tough battle. Chandler's D is important however, since Kaman has been shooting poorly and costing LAC easy points they otherwise ould have gotten.

The Maverick bench is a lot better than the Clipper bench. The best name of the LAC bench is Deandre Jordan, a man barely mentioned in this league. However, he may be the one blocking shots for the Clippers, averaging 1.5 of them in 2 games. He also hasn't missed a FG, remarkable since he averaged a 36% FG percentage last season. Our bench should outgun the Clipper one, however, and should see steady time if the Golden State debacle occurs again. See a nice win here: Mavs 108, Clippers 99.