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Preseason Game #2: Bulls at Mavericks, 7:30pm CT

In preparation for tonight's preseason game against the "new look" Chicago Bulls, I've rounded up some links about the Mavericks, the Bulls, and the Mavulls. I just made that last part up... but you see what I'm getting at. The game is at 7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET. Tune in! Some key story lines for this match-up:

  • Derrick Rose is another lightning-fast point guard. The Mavericks had a bajillion turnovers in Tuesday's game against the Wizards, and the speedy rookie John Wall was able to capitalize on way too many of them. In order for this game to be successful, Dallas will need to protect the ball much better.
  • The "new look" Bulls won't be at full capacity tonight. With Carlos Boozer recovering from one of the dumber injuries in the NBA and Ronnie Brewer out with a pulled hammie, we won't really know what the Bulls can do. 
  • Is it me or did the AAC look scary-empty last game? Where are all you Mavericks fans? I know this is preseason and these games don't 'matter', but how will it make our beloved players feel to look around at vacant seats? You KNOW if I lived in Dallas I'd be at every game. NO EXCUSES. 

More links after Jump.

bahahahaha get it? I'm sorry I just had to. Carry on.


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The NBA never had seen anything like what John Stockton did nearly a decade ago.

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The Texas Rangers are in the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys are authoring their annual drama. Texas-OU just captivated the Cotton Bowl. Big Tex is offering up fried beer at the State Fair.

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Point guard Dee Brown came to Dallas Mavericks training camp on a make-good contract, but he knows no matter how much good he makes on the floor, his chances of sticking with the team beyond the preseason is ultra-slim.

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Free agent center Erick Dampier(notes) got released by the Charlotte Bobcats in early September before ever playing a game for them. Conventional wisdom had it that he would soon join the Miami Heat talent explosion.

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Who will win the Central? The Bulls, according to 82 percent of GMs.