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Game Thread: Mavs and Suns Play Outside

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Who: Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns

What: An outdoor preseason game at a tennis stadium... creative

Where: Indian Wells Tennis Garden, CA

When: 8:30pm CT/9:30pm ET

How: TNT

The Story:

Where to start. Coach Carlisle won't be with the team after his fainting spell at practice Friday. He's doing fine, thanks for asking. Dirk, after playing major minutes in Thursday's game against the Bulls, will take a break and cheer his team on. Marion will probably come off the bench again, which doesn't seem to bother him. And the game is going to be played outside at a tennis stadium... pretty cool.

Links after the Jump. Enjoy the game, and GO MAVS!

Dirk Nowitzki to take a pass on outdoor game

Dirk Nowitzki said he's going to skip the outdoor game at Indian Wells, Calif., on Saturday night. Phoenix has a game there every year and the weather is supposed to be nice, in the 60s. But Dirk was worried about something else.

Shawn Marion 'cool' with coming off bench
Shawn Marion believes he can get comfortable coming off the bench. Nothing is set in stone, but all signs point to Marion joining the Mavs’ second unit, making room for Rodrigue Beaubois in the starting lineup.

Mavericks' Nowitzki, Butler, Terry ready to roll
While the Mavericks search for better play early in games, they can at least take comfort that a few of their heavy lifters are in a good spot early in preseason.

Suns prepare for outdoor game, want to cut turnovers
The Phoenix Suns prepared for their outdoor game against the Dallas Mavericks on Friday with their first practice since leaving training camp last weekend.

Phoenix Suns exploring idea of adding Erick Dampier
The Suns will talk to free agent center Erick Dampier more today, continuing to explore the idea of adding his big presence to bolster the team's rim protection on defense and the boards.