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Enhance Your Experience: How Do You Like To Watch?

After I posted the recap of Wednesday night's game, there were some fresh faces in the comments section, griping about their disappointing lack of coverage for the Mavericks. This got me to thinking... how to the readers of/contributors to Mavs Moneyball get their Mavs fix? As I've said before, I live in Virginia, so I don't get local coverage, per se, but satellite and NBA League Pass usually allow me to see my Mavs on the TV, albeit at a significant cost.

On those rare occasions that the game is blacked out everywhere, I come on to this very site, begging for a link to a stream. Usually it's, but sometimes even that doesn't work. And my friends here, bless their hearts, usually come up with something for me to watch. When the game IS on TV, I'm relegated to the old big screen (the new one, in the kitchen, is HD and MUCH nicer) because it's on the end of the house where my wireless internet can reach. Curse these masonry walls and their impenetrability. And heaven forbid I should watch a game without being on a game thread. (Read: WHY AREN'T YOU ALL ON THE GAME THREADS DURING THE GAMES?!)

Add to this the magic of DVR and you have a pretty decent Mavericks viewing experience. If I want to watch a Kidd to Chandler lob/dunk over and over and over again (and I do), I can just rewind and play. Rewind and play. Mmm, that's nice. Sorry, where was I? Ah yes. Now don't get me wrong- none of this really even comes close to being at a game live and in person, but since I either have to fly somewhere or wait for that rare Wizards home game, my current system generally suffices. 

Which all leads me to this: how do YOU watch your Mavericks? One of my favorite things about this site is that we attract lots of out-of-towners. We've got Uruguay, Australia, the Philippines, hell, even Utah represented on MMB! I know some of you fellas watch games at work or in the middle of the night thanks to time differences, and for that, I commend you. So now it's your turn. Journey below into the comments section and tell your fellow Mavericks fans how you like to watch.