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PGQ Game 8 'Gunslinger, Jerky and the Tag-team'



Something quirky happend with the FTs. Again. Yep, you guessed it. Somebody made history. Again. Oh, and Jason Kidd now has 11,007 Assists in his NBA Career. No biggie.


Coach Carlisle


JJ hits BIG! YES!


(The Key) "Barea's penetration was key. His minutes were vital to us winning the game because he made a lot of positive things happen. He hit big shots."

(Who was most important tonight?) "A lot of guys contributed to the win. Cardinal had a 3 that was a huge shot. He played an important part of the game, too. He made a lot of good things happen for us. I really just said that. Stop giving me these bewildered looks."

(On the Center position) "Right now they've got a tag-team thing going at center that's helping us. They're getting a lot done. Haywood's 17 rebounds is a monster number."

(On Wood off the Bench) "It's not an easy adjustment. For anybody who's been a starter all their career, going to a bench role is different. It's a different mindset and you got to get your mind geared to instant energy. You can't ease into the game the first six minutes. I give him a lot of credit.''

(On having 6 in double figures) "Our balance has been very good the last two games. And it's something we talked about heading into the season, that it was going to be part of defining who we are as an exceptional team. We're going to stick with it."

(The 15 Mil $ Question - Chandler's freethrowshooting) "He’s worked on his free throws; he had a very good year last year and he wanted to build on last year. He gets to the free throw line because he’s so active around the basket. He comes up with balls, and he just has a knack for getting fouled and getting to the line. It’s important, and he’s a better shooter than people know. I think free throw shooting is something that’s starting to come pretty natural to him."

Jason 'Cute Old Man' Kidd


What did Lisa say about me?


(On #110000) "It was nice, going with a pass that I enjoy throwing a lot. Tyson came up with the catch, but he has the hardest part. All the guys that put the ball in for me always had the hardest part and that's putting the ball in the basket."

(On Assists in general) "I've just enjoyed passing the ball. It's made the game fun and easy for me. To have that many and just think about how far I am from Stockton, it just let's me know that Stockton's a little bit better."

(On the overall play) "The team is playing well, so that takes a lot of pressure off of the individual," Kidd explained. "We've gotten off to great starts. And so, that's the big thing."

(On NOLA) "The way the schedule sets up, now we have New Orleans twice, Monday and Wednesday. So, it's kind of a playoff situation, when you play one team twice in a row - one at home and one on the road. So, we look forward to the challenge. They're a good team. They're undefeated and they're playing well."

Brendan Haywood


First day at work.

(On showing signs of life) "I just tried to be aggressive on the boards and tried to come out with a little bit of energy to spark the team in whatever way I could."

(On combining for 20 Pts and 20 Boards as a tag-team-goal) "If we combine for 20 and 20 on most nights, that would be big for this team. We both come in, we try to establish ourselves on the offensive and defensive glass because that's our roles. And then we let everything else fall where it may."


Tyson 'Ex-Hornet' Chandler


The Hawes and the Hawes-not.

(On the Tag-team) "Our jobs are to come in and give us second-chance opportunities. If we do that, we make things a lot easier on our offense. If we continue to come in like that and dominate the boards, we'll obviously leave an effect on the game."

(On being vocal on Defense) "A lot of times, you don't want to ruffle any feathers. But in order to be good defensively, you have to be vocal out there. When we become a great team is when we police each other and the coach doesn't have to say much."

(On pouting as an ...Option) "If I'm out there and my guy's going around me, I never take it personally if one of my teammates gets into me and says, 'Come on, I know you're better than that.' "

(On 20-20 for the tag-team) "I've been thinking that that's a goal we should definitely have. If we can get to 20 and 20, those are big-time stats for us and would help us. Not saying we're going to get it night in and night out. But that should be the goal."

(On giving Kidd the 11,000th Assist) "I definitely have to get the poster of that and put it up and say that I gave him 11,000 assists."

(On playing the Hornets Monday) "I'm looking forward to it 'cause I know they're in the same division and we got to get in there and try to knock them off."


Dirk Nowitzki


"Lilienthal's Erben."

(Nice Off-Night, how's the ankle) "It was a little stiff in warm-ups, but it loosened up a bit. I threw in a couple of Advils before the game and it felt pretty good. I don’t think there’s much ligament and bones left in there. It doesn’t really swell up any more. I actually thought I rolled it pretty good the other night. It was pretty stiff the first minute, but once I actually walked it off in Memphis, I already knew I was coming back. I guess I just rolled it so many times in my career that it hurts for a couple of minutes then I’m able to walk it off."

"Somebody might have to wheel me around when I’m 40."



(On Off-Nights for Dirk and Jet) "The balanced scoring is great for us. It means that we've got a deep team. Anybody can score on any given night. And that's good for us. We were still happy Dirk was out there, even if he's on one leg."

(On the Energy Crisis) "When I went in, we were kind of sluggish and we needed some more energy. And Coach Carlisle told me, 'Bring the energy, bring the energy.' So I just played my game, stayed aggressive and it worked out tonight."

(You played better lately) "Well I’m settling down a little bit and getting my rhythm. I was thinking too much when I was out there playing and then I just started playing my game. I kept being aggressive and relaxed a little bit and my teammates were on me just play your game, just play your game and so that’s what I have been doing and it’s working out."

(Why not earlier?) "Before, I was trying to be too perfect out there, like the perfect Lover,  and I wasn't thinking about running the plays and giving the ball to people. Coach Carlisle told me to relax... and just play my game. He said, 'You're here in the NBA because you've played that way your entire life and not because of what any rumor says.' So that's what I'm doing."



Coach Collins


Can i change these for some Sloan Hands?

(On the Mavs) "Their size killed us. At the end of the day, it was their size. Tyson Chandler and Brendan Haywood had 29 rebounds, 12 on the offensive backboards. So, that's a very, very good shooting team, and a very, very good offensive team, and they shoot 44 percent tonight and it was the second chance, the second shots, that just wore us down."

(On his own team) "Evan and Jrue now are playing very well together. Early in the year and in preseason they weren't, and now I think they've really found a nice fit together. It's very exciting for us right now because a big part of our future hinges on those two guys, their development and how well they can play together and hopefully they can play together for a long, long time. Is anyone still listening?"


(On Jason '11K'  Kidd) "I compare Jason Kidd a little bit to Brett Favre, and I mean that in a very positive way. He's a gunslinger. He will take risks with the ball that a lot of guys won't take. When I broadcasted games I used to always say that he played like he had a rearview mirror - he not only saw what was in front of him but what was behind him. He will go somewhere knowing where a guy is coming, not where he already is. And he has such great instincts."

Jrue 'I once dunked on Beaubois' Holiday


Sooo jerky.....oooooh...

(On JJ Barea) "He is tough by himself. He can get into the paint. He's jerky, built low to the ground and super quick. Any other Questions, Mrs. Barea?"





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Never forget.

Disclaimer: If you couldn't tell by now, all italic sentences are made up thoughts, not actual quotes. Also, Tyson 'MAX Contract' Chandler missed 2 FTs, falls to 86%. Bummer.