Guess what was our undoing tonight?


"Undo..undocover, undodging,..ah yes here it is.....undoing.."


If you want to inquire what this is all about, just know that...last year was last year.

If not, here are the cliffnotes:

Rick Carlisle loves to use the phrase " our undoing was the ___________".

What does that even mean, "undoing"?


Pronunciation: \-ˈdü-iŋ\ Function: noun Date: 14th century

1 : an act of loosening : unfastening
2 : ruin; also : a cause of ruin <greed was to prove his undoing>
3 : annulment, reversal

Ok, whatever, i continue to view it as an euphemism for "we sucked hard at". With that said, i compile(d) a list of everytime when he said it. Updates guaransheed possible. A leaderbord follows as soon as one item gets two apperances. €


1st Quarter x2

1st Half x2

Third Quarter x2

Second Chance Points

Game 10 vs NOH, 17.11.2010


(On the game) "Our undoing was the third quarter, when we were dominated. We lose the quarter by 16 points and we get our ass kicked."

Game 35 vs OKC, 07.01.2011


(On the Game) "I really thought our undoing was not having a stronger first half. [...] I think we struggled defensively in the second half, we struggled on the boards, and the timely second-chance points were our undoing down the stretch.

Game 39 @ MEM, 15.01.2011


"You see, that is scientifc proof that we lose everytime you mention our undoing.."

(On the Game) "The first quarter was our undoing. Giving up 31 got us in a hole. Right now, our shotmaking isn’t there. But we’ve just got to stay with it."

Game 53 @ Denver, 10.02.2011


(On the Game) "I look at the entire stat sheet. Our undoing was the entire first quarter."

Game 68 @ Golden State, 16.03.2011 (1st in a Win, btw)


(On the Mavs efficiency on the Segababa's) "Look, we're a good 4th quarter team, so... i'm not surprised. We needed to get a better start to this game...that was our undoing early.....missed shots ..obviously weren't good on our defensive coverages...heck they were shooting 70 percent for most of the first half, you just ain't gonna win with those kinde of numbers.

(Video proof, important part at 1:15)

Game 76 @ Golden State, 02.04.2011


(First things first) "Our undoing was the beginning of the third quarter when we went 3-for-19. I just kept believing that we were going to hit a hot streak."

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