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Game Thread: Bulls at Mavericks

Who: The Dallas Mavericks host the Chicago Bulls

What: A home game that really just needs to be won (psst... it's on National TV)

Where: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

When: 8:30pm CT/ 9:30pm ET


The Story:

Bryan did it better than I can.

Hop, skip and jump below for some articles, and tread carefully in Blog-A-Bull... don't wear red.

Bulls-Mavericks Preview

The Dallas Mavericks and Chicago Bulls were poised to extend their respective winning streaks to five in their last games, but were hurt by sloppy third quarters.

Red-hot Derrick Rose is next PG challenge

The Dallas Mavericks' parade of opposing point guards continues tonight when Derrick Rose leads the Chicago Bulls into American Airlines Center.

Can Bulls Finally Get Win At Mavs' Home?

After piling 33 points on San Antonio Spurs a night ago in his first loss since the fifth of November, Derrick Rose will look to level the Point-column for the Bulls once again versus another top-five team from the Western Conference tomorrow night on the road.