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Game Thread: Mavericks at Hawks

Who: The Atlanta Hawks host the Dallas Mavericks

What: Coming off the worst rebounding game ever, the Mavericks need this win to prevent a 3-game losing skid

Where: Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA

When: 7:00pm CT/8:00pm ET

How: NBA TV | FSSW-DAL | SPSO | KESN | WQXI | NBAC (Canada...?)

The Story:

The Mavericks desperately need someone other than Dirk Nowitzki to shoulder the burden of the team. But interestingly enough, Dallas enters this game with the top defense in the NBA. When did you ever expect THAT to happen!?

See below for some links, and visit Peach Tree Hoops for the opposing side!

Mavericks-Hawks Preview
The Atlanta Hawks had players other than Joe Johnson step up while recording consecutive wins. The Dallas Mavericks have probably been overly reliant on Dirk Nowitzki in consecutive losses. The Hawks will try to saddle the Mavericks with their first three-game losing streak of the season on Saturday night at Philips Arena.

MAVERICKS: Inside Report: Mavericks-Hawks preview
Despite entering Atlanta in the early-morning hours, the Mavericks will try to bounce back from consecutive losses while playing their first back-to-back of the season, writes Earl K. Sneed.

Oooh, that smell ... Can you smell that smell?
Scanning the box score to bring you every possible stench that is wafting up from Friday night's loss to the Bulls.