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Mavericks Beat Pistons, 88-84. Nowitzki Scores 42. Discuss.

I am too excited to write a legit recap, plus we'll get a more comprehensive analysis from Bryan when he gets back from the game. SO instead I'm going to write really excitedly for a few minutes and then let you guys chat about the win.

1. Jason Kidd played in his 1200th game tonight, which is first among active players.

2. Tonight was Dirk Nowitzki's 16th 40+ point game. He scored 42, and had 12 rebounds. That is insanity.

3. 4th Quarter Stats: 9-15 from the floor, 12-15 from the line, 8 2nd chance points, Dirk with 16, Caron Butler & Jason Terry combined for 16.

4. Someone was waving around a frozen turkey, and they kept showing him on TV.

5. If you weren't on the game thread, where were you? We've been having such fun. Now get in the comments section and TALK.