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After The Fact: Mavericks Defeat Rival Spurs On The Road, 103-94

Sweet, sweet revenge. I will admit, it felt nice watching the Mavericks take the lead for good and beat the Spurs in their own house. Don't get me wrong, the Mavs didn't play a pretty game, nor did they run away with this victory. In fact, they probably could have if they had made their free throws. But I won't gripe. I will take this win for what it was- a scrappy, classic Mavs/Spurs showdown that ended favorably for us.

Here's the box score in case you missed it. Of note? Dirk's 12-14 shooting for 26 points. He did not shoot a free throw. We're waiting on a full game recap, so I won't give too much away. In the meantime, feel free to comment on the game. Some possible topics of discussion:

  • The free throw shooting, or lack thereof
  • Butler's 'slump'
  • Chandler's opposite-of-slump
  • Dirk being... Dirknasty
  • Mahinmi getting some burn against his former team
  • The Spurs' new offensive style
  • Manu's nose getting busted... again
  • Dirk for President of the World
  • JJ's inability to stop shooting contested threes
  • The upcoming game against the Heat
Discuss amongst yourselves.